Friday, October 9, 2015

Unsure Insurance

Dear Readers,

Thanks to the wonder that is DVR, I don't see a lot of commercials.  That was, until I started going to the gym regularly.  Though I've been able to trim inches off my waist line, I haven't been able to trim minutes off of my television viewing.  I finally started seeing previews for movies that I would normally fast forward through ("Wait, Aladdin is coming out on DVD and Blu-Ray?!")  and I began to notice just how many car insurance commercials there were.

I don't know if ESPN has a monopoly on insurance commercials, but I now can recite certain insurance companies' information on command (but I save that trick for all the lucky fellas.  Hey boys!).  But it did make me think about the purpose of insurance, how it can sometimes fail you, and gave me a good blog post idea to end off my "car metaphor" week (you're welcome, readers).

But, all jokes aside, whenever I think about insurance, I always think about the Chris Rock segment from his "Bigger and Blacker" performance.  He explained how insurance should be called "In Case Shit," and if said expletive doesn't happen, then shouldn't you get your money back?!


When I started this blog, in 2009 or so, it was somewhat of an insurance policy for me.  My idea was that I wanted to get acknowledgement in the writing world, but I couldn't do that unless people knew who I was.  So, I started blogging, and being extremely transparent and vulnerable, in hopes of gaining a job.  In fact, when I researched my very first tweet (because I primarily use my Twitter as a means of getting my writing out), it said something to the effect of:  "I'm a very good writer looking for employment.  You should hire me!"

After a few years of gaining some attention, a position as a book editor, and a few very low paying writing assignments, I finally got a company who would pay me a good amount to do what I knew I always wanted to do.  I didn't care how much it was, but it was enough to encourage me to keep writing, and, just like how Chris Rock proposed that insurance should work, I felt like my years of hard work was finally being paid back.

So, I abandoned my blog because I didn't need the insurance policy anymore.  But as I feel like my 2009 is beginning to repeat itself, I realized that insurance policies aren't just for "when things happen."  It's a cushion.  It gives you mental security because if things go wrong, you might not be able to be back in the place that you were initially, but, at least you won't be completely left high and dry.

When I came back and started blogging, I was a little hesitant, because I wondered if I would still feel the joy that I had when I was getting paid regularly for it.

Surprisingly, I did, and more.    

Don't get me wrong, I'm still working and striving to get to a point where I can surpass where I was, but it is nice paying back into my insurance policy, and hoping for the return.

Stay Encouraged, have a GREAT weekend, and see you Monday!

P.S.  Go Cards!

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