Friday, October 2, 2015

Down In The Dumps

Dear Readers,

One of my biggest strengths, and concurrent weaknesses is that I'm very solution oriented.  This trait wasn't innate, I had to develop it.  In the past, when bad things happened, I would sit back, listen to some "Why Me?" music, and cry in the shower (the tears blend in with the water so well).  Well, I wouldn't cry in the shower, per se, but I would stop being productive, and bum around while I spent time trying to figure out what went wrong.  There was no solution finding during this time, just lots and lots o' pity parties.

After a few years, I realized how detrimental this behavior was.  I learned that no matter what was going on in my life, the world didn't stop for me.  So, after a while, I stopped wondering "why me?" and switched my thought processes to "now what?"

The reason why this is seemingly a problem is because other people tend to think that due to my "okay, let's fix the problem," mindset it causes me to ignore my feelings.

This is something that my parents are thinking I'm doing once I didn't get into any of the writing programs that I applied for.

When I first found out, I spent about a day or two feeling sorry for myself.  "Don't Cry Out Loud" never felt more true to me than that time.  (*sullen spirit fingers*)  But, after a few days, I came back to my solution oriented self and started contemplating how to fix my current situation.

But this current situation was hit with a double whammy; the cushion that I had in a steady paycheck while pursuing my full-time writing dream was gone.  Time is of the essence, and making means became the first problem to fix.

Due to that, my parents are worrying that I'm lowering myself and my abilities to accept a job that doesn't engage in my talents.  However, though my family might not understand the steps that I'm making, my mind is on a constant state of finding a solution to get to where I want to be in life.  Though I might have to take a slight detour and clean a few toilets temporarily, it doesn't mean that my dreams have been flushed down them.

There are times when you want to feel sorry for yourself, but the fact of the matter is that in order for you to be victorious in life, you have to be able to stand when you want to crawl;  move when you desire to lay down, and be strong when you want to feel weak.  I'm not saying to ignore how you feel, but also take the time to try to focus on your next steps, because at least during that time, you'll be able to work toward your solution.    

Stay Encouraged and have a great weekend.  


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