Monday, October 12, 2015

Re-Writing Infamy

Dear Readers,

On this great Columbus Day, I feel slightly at odds with how I feel about history, how we perceive ourselves, and what our lasting legacy will be.

As most American children I was taught about Columbus sailing the ocean blue in 1492 on three different ships.  But as you get older, and you learn the truth behind Columbus, his dastardly deeds, and heinous atrocities, it makes you wonder how he was able to score such a sweet deal in the history department?

As an African American I'm already too aware of the fact that the moment I walk into a room, people portray my history and stereotypes against me.  Until I open my mouth by either speaking or smiling, people feel as though they have me pegged.  As much of an onus as it seems, it's almost to a point where it's second nature.  You know that you have the burden of carrying an entire race on your back, and whatever words you say, how you say them, and how you behave is either going to lessen the weight of your eternal luggage, or make it more cumbersome.

But all of that, and more, will be addressed this week, as we dive into creating our legacy and being true to ourselves.

Stay Encouraged!

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