Monday, October 19, 2015

Under the Big Top

Dear Readers,

I've been a fan of FX's "American Horror Story" since season one, and for the past few weeks I've been binging on the previous seasons on Netflix, while also catching each new episode of "Hotel" every Wednesday.  Last night I finished the finale of "Freak Show" and decided to base this week's posts on the circus.

It's been said once that we're all performers.  Each person wakes up, and attempts to put their best face forward, in a crowd, or audience of multiples, in hopes of doing a great job.  In a sense, we're all actually trapeze artists, swinging from one rung to the other.  Sometimes we rely on the help of others.  Other times we're swinging by ourselves, hoping that we can reach that rung on our own.  If we miss it, or lose our grips, we hope that there's a safety net to save us; something that will cushion our fall, but sometimes, even that's not guaranteed.

But as we stand in front of the crowd, we're all wanting the same thing.  We would all like to be able to swing effortlessly through life, and hear recognitions of surprise, amazement, and confirmation that we're doing a great job.  For those who would like to see us fall, we hold on tighter, and swing harder, hoping to surprise not just them, but ourselves with our abilities to defy our own gravity.  That way, once the show is over, we can feel as though we'd delivered a great show.

This week, let's discuss!

Stay Encouraged

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