Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Face Behind the Paint

Dear Bloggers,

One of the duties that I felt like I needed to do, as a single mother, was to make sure that my daughter had a social life.  At the tender age of two, it was important for me to get her out of the house and socialize as much as possible.  While exploring our new surroundings we discovered an event that happens every third Thursday, which is "Diva Night."

A time where women meet in downtown, explore the shops, and possibly win prizes.  The first time we went I was expecting more mother-daughter duos, but we were the only one.  I began to think that it wouldn't be worth it, and we should just continue making friends at the park, library, and fast food play areas.  But, when I saw how much her face would light up in the crowd, how much she loved the attention, the acknowledgment, I decided to make it a staple.  Every other day of the month we are mother and daughter; but once a month, we would transform into Divas.

Putting her in cute outfits, and jeans and a t-shirt for me, we would go and parade around the downtown streets, enjoying the wares and stares, proving that no matter how young you are, you can be a "diva" too.

But today's Diva Night is a costumed event.  I got my daughter's costume earlier last month.  As she will don an elephant costume, I planned to gladly be the accompanied clown in our circus of life.

But today, I'm not feeling too diva-ish.  Long nights and early mornings are been making me reassess my need to want to go out tonight.  I began to question, was it Kayleigh who really enjoyed Diva Night, or did I want to so desperately prove to myself, and anyone else who sees a single mother and daughter, that we can have fun as well?  If I were to put on my clown makeup tonight, what would be hiding under it?  A person who is happy to engage with the crowd of baby boomers (most of the participants of "Diva Night" are a little up there in age.  They're divas nonetheless though!), or someone who wants to fight the perception of what a single mother should be?

Diva Night isn't until hours later, and I have time to decide.  But regardless of whether I go or not, my daughter will still have her costume to wear for Halloween, and she'll shine either way.

Stay Encouraged

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