Friday, October 18, 2013

Finding Comfort in Silence

Dear Bloggers,

Being in gray areas are so uncomfortable sometimes.  There are usually a lot of quotes that encourages people that to become successful you have to work hard.  But there's such a lack of advice of what to do after you do the work.  You work hard, put yourself out there, spend endless days and nights working on yourself and your craft until you feel as though things are as perfect as they can get.  Then, you submit your work, hoping for a way in, but all you have is... silence.

We know that loud noises can be startling, but silence is usually described as "eerie."  People are so uncomfortable in silence that they'll do whatever they can to end the awkwardness. That works fine in social situations, but it doesn't seem to work well in business situations.  Or, I'm assuming, what do I know?  I'm still trying to work to get to where I'm going.

But let's be honest.  A lot of times the reason that silence scares us is because then we're left with our own thoughts.  No one is as judgmental on us as we are, and we know that.  So, to avoid having our thoughts bring up what's wrong, and how we could have possibly messed up, we crave the noise to drown it out.  Whether it's a startling bang or a whisper, we just want something to end the silence.

However, after you do everything that you can, you can't force someone's hand to move for you, for your own sake.  I'm not saying that you have to stop working, but you should probably stop worrying yourself on something that you can no longer change.  You did your work, you got it out there, it's no longer in your control.  Now, all you're left  with is... silence.

However, it all depends on what you do with that silence.  Use it to strengthen yourself, your resolve, plan for a possible success or failure, refocus your goals and hopes for the future.  Silence can be overwhelming, but it can also be something that you can find comfort in.

Stay Encouraged and have a great weekend!!

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