Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Fool in Time

Dear Bloggers,

They say that youth is wasted on the young, and at first I was offended.  In all honesty it was probably because when I first heard the quote I was pretty young myself and felt as though it was saying that I was wasting the gift of youth.  As much as I love life, I also love work too (if that makes any sense), so I knew that I didn't fall under that category of people who took their youth for granted.

Now that I'm a little older, and a single mother, I understand now.  Up until you reach your late twenties, you're still pretty much a toddler, mentally.  And let me explain before you completely dismiss me.

A toddler's life is fairly simple, and they are led by their feelings, desires, needs and urges.  They can't see when danger comes to them, like a parent or caregiver can.  They also have the tunnel vision of a periscope.  Instead of observing the whole scope of a situation it's like they focus on what they want, and are relentless to get it.  But if you try to give them a better version of it (or try to replace what they have because you know that it's not as good), that's when the tantrums come.

But still, how does this pertain to you, dear reader?  I feel as though young adults are the same way.  We're moved by doing what we feel is best for us.  We rely on our own limited knowledge to be the driving force of our lives instead of heeding the advice of others.  Instead of focusing on other options we can waste so much time just trying to find our success one way (when in actuality, the way to success is rarely a straight line).

It's not until your life goes into a direction that causes you to be more mature that you realize that, yeah, I did waste a lot of my time on non-consequential paths, decisions, and ideas.

This leads me to this:

If I didn't upload the video right, it is... to say this nicely... a sight of complete, utter ridiculousness.  A cause for a desire to have doctors perform psychological analysis on people when they reach the age of reproduction, to stop some people from breeding.  Because you know what?  Stupid people meet and date other stupid people, and then they release their offsprings into the world.  This is... our future, people!

College students, who are wasting their parents' money, professors' time, and putting themselves in all kinds of Sallie Mae debt to protest their school from stopping them from swinging on a pendulum (which is a landmark for their college, mind you) because they want to re-enact that "Wrecking Ball" video (?!).  The school is trying to stop them because it is a safety hazard, but once again, these grown toddlers are throwing a tantrum.

Yes, youth is wasted on the young, and yes, hindsight is 20/20.  But goodness, people, adding perspective to your situation is something that can expand what you see.  Being young is doing what you want to do, and getting older is doing what's best for you, and it's never too late to learn to incorporate both.

Stay Encouraged!  

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