Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pimpin' Ken and the Joys of "Orgism"

Dear Bloggers,

During the times that I’m not reading Nietzsche, doing freelance writing, or embedded in deep thoughts for this blog (‘So, if I add the soda to value meal, then it’ll be cheaper…?’) I’m watching TV. One of my favorite shows is Black Men Revealed. This show comes on TVOne, and it consists of a panel of five Black men who discuss issues that are prevalent to the Black community. These topics range from sexual attraction to women, the dark skinned-light skinned debate, or Black men as fathers. I personally enjoy the show because it offers a perspective that (being a Black woman) I am not entirely privy to.

In an episode entitled: “Bed, Bath and Beyond: Fantasies and Frustrations” the panel included a relationships expert, a comedian, and for some reason a former pimp. Now, I understand the logistics for making the choice of having a former pimp on the show, due to the fact that his former [despicable] profession lent itself to aiding men with their sexual fantasies by selling women. I understand this. However, I do not understand Pimpin’ Ken.

Pimpin’ Ken, who is a self-proclaimed relationships expert spent most of his time on the show belittling the other men on the panel. He started off with the relationships expert (Hasani Pettiford). When Hasani was asked for his advice on what makes men stray from their wives and significant others, before he could finish his thought, Pimpin’ Ken tried to discredit the man (who has multiple degrees) by addressing his concern that Mr. Pettiford probably had not been in many relationships in his past. The former pimp (really, Black Men Revealed?! You HAD to get a pimp?!) then begins to condemn Hasani on the way that he talks (“You trying to talk all proper, talk like a brother!”).

After Ken finishes with the expert, he moves on to the comedian, Special K. The comedian, who in my opinion, finished telling a hilarious anecdote, had Pimpin’ Ken turn to him and say: “You’ll never make money like Will Smith. You’re not that funny.” Before I realized it, the words: “WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING?!” came spewing from my mouth. I was annoyed. First Hasani, now Special K?!

Once Pimpin’ Ken is convinced that he has discredited everyone on the panel (even though he did the complete opposite) he begins to tell his theories on sexual attraction and the gift on the “orgism.” No, I did not misspell “orgasm”, he actually pronounced the word as “orgism,” and my closed captioning reinforced what my ears heard. He gave his theories on the proper way to steal another man’s wife, and then plugged his book. He sat back in his seat with a satisfied grin on his face, as if he had won the title of Alpha Male on the show. Pimpin’ Ken did not realize that with his display of ignorance and obvious show of insecurity, he portrayed himself to be the weakest male on the panel, and just reinforced to the many viewers of Black Men Revealed how when a man is feeling weak amongst strong men, his insecurities will cause him to try to bring others down with him.

Pimpin’ Ken, good luck on your never ending pursuit to try to find a woman to orgism for you, whatever THAT is.


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