Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Only in Reality...

Dear Bloggers,

When I was in college I was a Sociology minor. I might have dreaded my Gen Eds, and had to take Stats 100 twice, but when it came down to my English and Sociology classes I was constantly enthralled. I was introduced to literature that showed people overcoming their surroundings with the help of banding together with the person next to them. From Shakespeare, to Karl Marx the importance of strength in numbers was emphasized. In these days, I feel that we have lost that type of camaraderie, especially in the female community.

Today’s airwaves are filled with a mass of reality TV shows. Now, do not get me wrong, I do not have an issue against reality TV. In fact, if VH1 were to make a reality show about paint drying and have Paul F. Tomkins do running commentary on it, I would probably watch it. My issue comes with the women on these shows.
For some reason, these women seem to think that it is perfectly acceptable to constantly insult the girl next to her. (I want to win Flav’s heart, so I’m going to insult this girl’s mustache, and her mother’s hair.) These insults range between her opponent’s weight, to hair type (“I have good hair, and your hair is nappy”), complexion, and face shape. To these women, your entire being is up for insults.
This way of female cattiness is not just limited to the competition shows, but to any show that has all women (“Bad Girls Club”). Now why is that? Why is it that whenever a group of females get together they immediately start insulting one another?

Women, this is a call to you, is this REALLY what we need to be putting out there? I know that reality TV is an exaggerated view of life (how else will you be able to live in a mansion for three months, and NOT have a job), but it seems that this type of cattiness and malicious behavior is molded from our reality. Some women pride themselves on being gold diggers, sex objects, and are able to insult the girl next to her to make her cry. Are these things we should find pride in?! These are not just issues that are found in the realm of our television sets, but this is something that you can see going to the mall, out at restaurants, or (God forbid) outside your house.

Women, could we please get back to the point where we are building each other up? Why do we purposely break each other down, and then seek for a reward because of it? Could we leave the berating behavior on television and become better women in person? I have faith in my female counterparts; let’s rise above the negative stereotypes that are constantly on television.



  1. I am definitely a reality show junkie and this is one of the constant themes of all the shows. These girls don't just dig the knife in, they make sure to turn it too! And If they're not yelling at each other, then they are actually throwin' bows. It's crazy. It's encouraged by the producers for ratings, i'm sure. but people who put their faith in the "reality" of reality shows don't know that some of that behavior is instigated by things that we viewers don't even get to see. It will probably never stop but we as women can at least recognize for what it is and leave this drama on the tv screen.

  2. You are 100% true!! *Sorry my comment was late, I got a little sick today and slept for the rest of the day.*