Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Helping Hands

Dear Bloggers,

I think that there's a time in every friendship that makes you question the other person or their motives.  Sometimes those feelings are rooted in nothing but pure paranoia.  You have a great friend, but you feel as though you can't be as lucky in life to have someone(s) so amazing, loyal, and encouraging.  So, you begin to read too much into everything that they do and say, looking to syntax, subtext, and any other s-word that you could fit.  Until you come up with the uncomfortable realization that yes, you were that lucky, and maybe you might need to seek help for your overwhelming neurosis.

Other times, you begin to question your friends' motives because they do, indeed, do shady things.  Either a secret was exposed, a lie started, or a rumor carried on, and you're trying to figure out just how culpable this person in your life is, and should they stay on the pedestal that you placed them on before.
I appreciate friends that try to help me and push me to be a better person.  But what I don't appreciate is someone pushing me into a dangerous situation.  Let me explain:

My mother enrolled me into swimming classes, but my fear of drowning was too strong.  For years I continually failed and almost drowned in class multiple times.  But everyone has their strengths, and I knew that swimming wasn't mine.  But, I still loved pools, so I would join in the pool fun at friends' houses... just in the shallow end.

I could never understand, after I would tell friends about my lack of swimming skills, some of them would still insist that I come into the deep end.  Promises of "if you look like you're in danger, we'll save you," wasn't soothing to my soul.  After a while, these friends would pick me up and throw me into the deep end.  As I gasped for air, and panicked to keep my head afloat, all I would hear would be their laughter, until someone else would jump in and get me.

As I would dry off I would hear the same thing:  "If you looked like you were in danger, we would have saved you."  While I wondered:  At what point?  When I was floating upside down?  Right after you laughed at the fear on my face as I struggled to keep me head up?  Why are you even talking to me?!

I'm saying all of that to say this:  change is a choice that only you can make.  A decision that can only come from you, don't ever let anyone try to push you into a situation that you're uncomfortable in because they want to see "what happens."  Because sometimes, these same people who are quick to push you into deeper waters, are usually slow to save you from the overwhelming tide.

Not all hands are helping ones.

Stay Encouraged!!

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