Friday, November 1, 2013

Don't Feed the Trolls

Dear Bloggers,

One of my most favorite things to do when visiting my favorite online publications is to read the comment sections, because where else can you get such a wide perspective on one topic?  You're able to see others' reading comprehension skills (or lack thereof).  You can immediately point out the people who only read the title and then go completely nuts in the comment section, not realizing that the title is supposed to be what leads you to read the article, not necessarily what it's about (it's the whole not judging a book by its cover scenario).  Then, you have the insightful people who have something to add to the article, or comment chatter (love those people).  But then, there are the people who purposely write things with the intent of being hateful, hurtful, and provoking.  These people are known as "trolls," and whenever I see their horrendous comments, the quote:  "Don't feed the trolls" always pops into my mind.

I honestly agree with it.  These people who are sitting behind their computers or phones all day having full blown arguments and insulting an entire demographic of people are looking for attention.  Commenting back to them is just giving them what they want, and encourages them to continue.

However, I can't be the only person who sees the pathetic nature of this type of behavior.  It actually makes me a little sad that people are so willing to cause a stir to get attention.  It makes me wonder/worry about their lives.  Are they that so unattached to society that the only way that they can get recognition is by insulting others?

For some people, negative attention is better than no attention, and to me that's worrisome.  When you're a child that's the type of mindset that you have, but when you get older, you learn that recognition is something that should be earned by doing something good; or heck, just being yourself.

But I feel as though (if these trolls are correct) these are grown people behind these screen names, and that makes it even worse.  How can we expect for our next generation to be great, if the one that's raising it is subpar?  It creates such a dynamic of "it's okay to lash out at people for the simple fact that you don't like them."  Children are bullying other children because they're taking after the example of the adults in their lives that are doing the same.  In some cases, encouraging the children to act out of sorts.

The attention that they are seeking are (from me at least) beginning to turn into pity.  Because you essentially have grown children behind these juvenile acts.  They are the personification of a worn pathos that only seem to find their value and reason for being behind a computer screen.  These people feeds off the negative reaction that nourishes their reason for being, but not their souls.

Dear Trolls, I hope you realize one day that there's nourishment in other forms of life, and if you take the chance to venture away from the hate that you like to spew, then maybe you can enjoy it?

Until then, you're no longer getting anymore nourishment from me.  Good luck starving.

Stay Encouraged!!
See you on Monday!        

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