Monday, September 13, 2010

The Adventures of Baby and Boo-Boo

Dear Bloggers,

To be completely honest with you, the idea of marriage seemed as unattainable to me as winning a triathlon. Both of these feats seemed impossible to me, for my fear of being submerged but in two very different senses. I only have two big fears in my life, and those two were falling in love, and drowning. Both require a lot of trust in yourself, and your surroundings, a sense of letting go and knowing that there was no guarantee that things will go as you planned. Hoping that if you go too far deep, there could always be someone to pull you out, but as the five almost drowning events in my life proved, lifeguards aren’t always paying attention.

However, life delivered someone who made me want to forget about my fears, and dive in, head first, and cast all of my fears aside. But once I jumped into those waters, my normal fears surfaced, and I was worried that I would drown.

Though there's danger, I’ve been able to swim through the current-less kiddy pool and progress into tumultuous waves, and the man I fell in love with became my husband. But, as I continue to swim with him, feeling confident that he will be there to save me when I began to falter, or when my limbs feel too heavy to continue, we’ve come across multiple islands in our own personal ocean.

Marriage introduces you to a host of different events, that reveal more about yourself than you would ever know if you were not married. Things that seemed so normal to me, required explanations to my husband. His actions held so much logic to himself, but was fodder for a long stream of questioning from myself. As we approach each island, we continue to learn not only about ourselves, but how strong our bond is.

But as each island can feel me with a sense of overwhelming dread, hearing him call me “Boo-Boo,” and responding with “Baby?” helps me to know that nothing is unattainable for me. As I face my fears through this new transition of life, I realize that happiness is within grasp, as long with (at the very least) finally competing in a triathlon.

This week, let’s discuss.


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